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Dog show

On the 17:th of January 2010 the Golden Retreiver Club arranged an "Open Show" in Linköping and Freja did participate in "Junior II" and "Maiden". She was placed 4 in "Junior II" and 5 in "Maiden".
The Referee´s comment was that she was somewhat "Teenager clumsy", which is something that we can agree to. If you can read swedish the record below is clickable and will show you the record in higher resolution.

Freja på utställningUtställningsprotokoll



We have had a wounderful winter which has resulted in fantastic ice for skating. The pictures below is from lake Åsunden, which is nearby where we live. It had been snowing some wery light snow which was possible to skate through while it gave the dogs grip enought not to slip.
As you can see it was a very beautiful wether with almost clear sky and a temperature of about -22 degrees (C). Eventhoug the sun is low it´s almost at is highest and the picture is taken at 1 PM, the days are short in Sweden round Christmas.

Skridskor på Åsundens isEn bild till från Åsunden



Here is some pictures from the first skiing tour of this winter, some days before Christmas.
Freja remember the funny game "Hunt the ski point" that she invented during our weekend in a swedish skiing area in march 2009.

SkidjaktAnna, Maja och FrejaPorträtt



As we have been a bit slow on updating this home page I have uploaded som picture from last summer sailing in the archipelago of St Anna. Freja is a very good sailor and knows everyting on how to sleep in the cockpit.

I sittbrunnenFreja i skärgårdenHundbad
Here Maja, Freja and Maja´s sister Leia is bathing at Trännö.


Day 20

Today Freja weights 10,7 kg and it's staring to be a challange to carry here down the stairs at home.
She manage to get up the stairs but down is still to tricky. She has found out that it's quite funny to climbe to the second floor of our house and then call for us to carry here down....

Here is some pictures from todays walk. If you compare them to the older picture you can se that she is growing. I think she is stuffing all here food into here legs and tail.

Maja was, of cause, joining us on the walk.


Some sleeping studies

Freja is working on here abilities in the "Art Of Sleeping". I think she is gooing to be number one!


Day 15  (Wednsday)

It´s now two weeks since we picked up Freja and she is growing really fast.
The last day at the Kennel she weighted 7,7 kg, today shere wight is 9.9 kg. It's more than 1 kg a week.

She likes here walks very much, lot of interesting smells.

Here she gets some help from Maja to dig the snow that has fallen during the night.


Day 7

The day started with Anna and Freja making and emergency outing with some tools to help Anders and Maja to rescue a fox that had got stuck in a sheep fence nearby

Today was also the day for some shower training. Anders and Maja started and then it was Freja's turn. She did not like the bathroom but the water was nice.

Freja did find out a funny game. At the "Winter Resort Alphyddan" there is a black piste right outside the front door. It's just to climbe the small rock and then throw your self from the top and glide on your stomach and paws, and then up again.....


Day 6

Freja is very interested of things around here and is, obviously, a good listener. Since day 2 she listens to here name, to "kom" which is the swedish word you use for calling the dog back, and of cause to "Ooohh, whaaat fun we are having heeere!!!".
She is also trying to find out what is not allowed, fortunately she understands "No!".
From day 6 she is sitting down and waiting for a "Here you are" before starting to eat here food.

By the way, she has learned to bring the wet laundry from the washing maschine to the drying stand.
Maja has helping Anna with the wet laundry and when Freja understod that she could get some sweets for doing the same she picked up some wet socks and tried, and it worked!

We are making an outing to Brokind


Day 5

During the weekend there was a lot of friends coming by to have a look at Freja.
During the Sunday Frejas cousins, Maggi (The dark dog) and Polly (A small Sheetland Sheepdog) came visiting.

Polly was not to interested and decided to keep some distance to Freja, possibly she thought she smelled to puppishly (or what you say in english...:-). Maja was very proud over here puppy sister.


Day 3

In exchange for not streching Freja's box Maja gets a new Bia-Bed, but now Freja finds it nice as well.

Anders and Anna is trying to get some nice pictures, but trying to get Freja to stay on top of a "Spark" was not really any good idea...


Day 2

There is a lot of things to check out at here new home. There is lot of interesting smells hidden under the snow. Luckily she has the help of here sister Maja to dig down to the ground underneath.

After a days hard work Freja is sleepy.
On the rightmost picture Maja has overtaken Frejas paper box. It's ot really big enough:-)


Day 1

On Wednsday February 25th Anders, Anna and Maja went to Dalarö and kennel Emmergold to fetch our new family member Freja.

Here is some pictures from our visit at Emmergold:

Freja is standing on the show table showing her fine angles.
On the left picture you can se Annika Sörensen who is running Kennel Emmergold.

Here is a picture of Maja and Bibbi, who is hte moter of Freja.

VI think they look quite alike. Bibbi is the dog nearest to the camera.

When we had picked up Freja the jurney back to Rimforsa began.

Eventhough the journey back was the longest journey Freja ever has mad everything went fine. She fell asleap almost right away.

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